Emma Stone Compares Kissing Ryan Gosling to Andrew Garfield

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
In last year”s Crazy Stupid Love, Emma Stone”s character prepped for a kissing scene with Ryan Gosling with the memorable line, “It”s like you”re Photoshopped!”

So how did making out with Gosling, 31, measure up to Stone”s love scenes with Andrew Garfield, 28, her real-life boyfriend and costar in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man

“Apples and oranges, you know,” Stone, 23, coyly told Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday”s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when asked which one was the better kisser.

“So, is that an apple or an orange” DeGeneres prodded.

“I love all fruit,” Stone responded diplomatically.

The actress will certainly have more opportunities to compare the two – and not just due to her off-screen relationship with Garfield.

In addition to costarring in the upcoming romance The Gangster Squad, Stone and Gosling are two of the names that have been bandied about for the leading roles of Christian and Anastasia in the film adaptation of the steamy erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.