Emma Roberts Talks College Experience: "I Wasn't Getting What I Wanted"

Emma Roberts Talks College Experience:

Enjoying a couple”s day out in the Big Apple, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters took at stroll through NYC”s East Village neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon (May 21).

Seeming to be thoroughly enjoying each other”s company, the pair walked hand in hand while sharing a few laughs along the way.

Last night, Emma took the stage for Glamour magazine”s second-ever “These Girls” event, where the young starlet dished about wanting to exit Hollywood for a normal life.

“I was so busy pretending to experience everything [on-screen], I forgot to experience real life,” Roberts said. The 22-year-old actress tried her hand at college when she enrolled at Sarah Lawrence, but things didn”t go as planned.

After being the target of a nasty blog, the “Adult World” actress decided it was time to leave, “I wasn”t getting what I wanted … on my quest for real-life experience,” she said.

“But I do have high hopes. When I”m 30, playing 21, maybe I”ll have the graduation I always dreamed of.”