Emma Roberts — Friends Worried, She’s the Next Lindsay Lohan

Exclusive 0716-tmz-emma-roberts
Emma Roberts”
recent domestic violence arrest came as a SHOCK to the public … but not to some of her friends … who fear the actress is headed down a deep, dark path a la Lindsay Lohan.

Sources close to Emma tell our sources … over the last year Emma has dug herself deep into the L.A. party scene. We”re told it all started after she broke up with “Glee” star Chord Overstreet — she began going out all night, hitting the clubs and surrounding herself with people who don”t keep their noses clean.

Our sources say a lot of Emma”s friends don”t know how to help her because Emma won”t  acknowledge the change in her behavior.

Indeed, we”re told after her arrest … Emma wouldn”t talk to her friends about it, acting like nothing happened.  Her friends are convinced … a night of partying contributed to the brawl and the arrest.

our sources broke the story … Emma was arrested​ in Canada earlier this month, after she allegedly gave her boyfriend a bloody nose during a blow-out fight.  Sources connected with Emma say it was mutual combat.  The matter was dropped after her BF chose not to press charges.