Emma Roberts’ Dad — We Support Her Staying with BF After Domestic Violence Arrest

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Emma Roberts
is an adult who can take care of herself — so says the actress” dad Eric Roberts, who tells our sources, he supports Emma”s decision to stay with her BF following her domestic violence arrest this month.

As we reported, Emma was arrested in Montreal July 7th for attacking her boyfriend Evan Peters inside their hotel room, allegedly biting him and even giving him a bloody nose. Emma was eventually released because Evan didn”t want to press charges. The two are still together.

But the question: how does Emma”s dad feel about that We asked and he said Emma is a grown-up who can make her own decisions … as well as her own mistakes, and learn from them. Wise words.

But you”ve gotta see Eric”s reaction to the obvious follow-up question — would he support Emma MARRYING Evan

Watch the video.