Eminem Lip-Synced ‘SNL’ Performance — Or We’re a Monkey’s Uncle

Barring some crazy rift in the space-time continuum, Eminem unquestionably lip-synced his performance on “SNL” this weekend … at least judging by Saturday night”s broadcast.

In case you missed the show, the video should clear things up. Em took the stage to perform his song “Berzerk” and went borderline Milli Vanilli for four minutes. We cut it down to the highlights for your convenience.

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Eminem lip-synced


Eminem lip-synced

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FYI — Ashlee Simpson infamously lip-synced on SNL a few years ago and people ripped her to shreds. So, why should Em get a pass

Granted, we can”t say for SURE he was lip-syncing … we”re just making an educated guess … so we gotta ask …