Eminem — Fire Burns Through Boyhood Home

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Eminem“s childhood home — the same pad he pictured on the cover of his new album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” — was badly burned in a fire yesterday … officials say.

The 767 square foot, 2-story bungalow — located right near 8 Mile in Detroit — sustained damage to the second floor. Fire crews were able to put out the flames before it spread to the rest of the home.

Officials say the blaze began around 6:20 pm Thursday evening. So far, it”s unclear how the fire began.

Public records show the home was bought by Em”s mom in 1987 for $19,900 — it”s changed hands roughly 10 times since then. The home was eventually abandoned, and after failing to sell for $500 at a recent auction, it”s currently owned by a bank.