Emily VanCamp Covers Marie Claire Australia April 2013

Emily VanCamp Covers Marie Claire Australia April 2013

She”s no stranger to magazine covers, and nowEmily VanCamp is taking her turn fronting the April 2013 issue of Marie Claire Australia.

The “Everwood” beauty looked absolutely stunning in a sexy black Michael Kors dress for the Robert Erdmann-shot front page while dishing about everything from her experiences with the pesky paparazzi to sharing a home with boyfriend Joshua Bowman.

“I find it incredibly invasive. It”s a form of stalking to have people driving around after you. Sometimes, it”s funny though. One photographer got a picture of me taking the trash out and I was wearing my sister”s trackpants that i had stolen from her. She reposted the picture on Facebook and said, “The paparazzi are good for one thing – now I know who stole my pants,”” the 26-year-old star explained.

When it comes to living with her “Revenge” co-star boyfriend, Miss VanCamp can”t help but laugh. “He doesn”t rinse plates before he puts them in the dishwasher. He”s so proud of himself for putting them in, but I have to take them all out again and rinse them myself,” she explains laughing.

“He loves that I get frustrated – he thinks it”s adorable when I make a “cross face”. I can”t be cross for long because he just makes me laugh,” she adds.

In regards to her experience in L.A., Emily admits that the city honed her fashion prowess. “Los Angeles can be a wacky place… It”s so far from how I grew up and who I am. It always baffles me when I put on the dresses and the hair and make-up team are getting me ready. If this wasn”t my career, I probably would always be wearing jeans and a T-shirt. As a teenager I was slightly more rebellious on the fashion side of things. I have a better for style now. I said to Gabriel today, “I”m starting to learn this whole fashion thing,” and he said to me, “Emily, I think you graduated.””

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