Elvis Presley — MOVIE Could Finally Happen … Says Daughter

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Johnny Cash got a movie. So did Ray Charles. And now it seems that Elvis Presley could finally be the next big music legend to get on the big screen … so says his daughter.

Lisa Marie Presley was out in SoHo last night when we asked why Hollywood was taking so long to make a major box office feature about her dad, a la “Walk the Line” or “Ray.”

But Lisa Marie gave an answer that should be pretty encouraging to Elvis fans — suggesting that there”s finally some real “talk” about getting the movie made.

There are reports that Mick Jagger is trying to spearhead an Elvis movie called, “Last Train to Memphis” — focusing on The King”s early years — but it”s unclear if that”s what LM is referring to.

Now … who”s hungry for a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich