Elton John Sued Over ‘Nikita’ Song — You Jacked My Lyrics!!!

Elton John
is a no good dirty lyric stealer — at least according to a self-proclaimed “award-winning” photojournalist and songwriter, who claims Elton coldheartedly ripped off the lyrics to the hit song “Nikita.”

The man behind the accusations — named Guy Hobbs — filed the lawsuit in Illinois federal court, claiming he wrote a song called “Natasha” back in 1982 based on his affair with a Russian cruise ship waitress … and three years later, Elton jacked his idea.

According to the lawsuit, Guy copyrighted the song and circulated the lyrics to multiple publishing companies — including Big Pig, which solely publishes Elton John songs — but he never heard back.

In 1985, Elton John released “Nikita” — and Guy claims the lyrics bear “significant similarities” to “Natasha” … even though “Natasha” is about a GERMAN female border guard. Hobbs doesn”t specify exactly which lyrics were allegedly stolen.

Now, nearly 30 years later, Guy is suing for copyright infringement — demanding unspecified damages.

As for what took him so long to sue — Guy says he”s been living in Africa since 1984 … and news travels slow over there.