Elton John: Miley Cyrus ??Flattened the Opposition? at VMAs

Elton John: Miley Cyrus ??Flattened the Opposition? at VMAs

Always ready with a witty remark, Elton John stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (September 25) for a candid chat.

The Oceans Away singer was in the house to plug his new album The Diving Board, though conversation quickly turned to a remark he supposedly made about Miley Cyrus.

Though John was quoted as calling Cyrus a meltdown waiting to happen, he clarified that hes a huge fan of the Wrecking Ball songstress.

As for Mileys risqué MTV Video Music Awards performance, Elton noted, She flattened the opposition. Nobody talked about anyone else. Its a controversial performance that got everyone talking, and thats what its supposed to do.

And in true Elton John style, he added, Ill take her old boyfriend [ Liam Hemsworth], though! Hes gorgeous!