Ellie Goulding in Status' Music Issue: I Grew Up on Electro Music

Ellie Goulding in Status' Music Issue: I Grew Up on Electro Music

She”s made quite a name for herself in the music industry thanks to her hit single “Lights,” and now Ellie Goulding is soaking up the spotlight by covering the Music Issue of Status magazine.

After rocking a few poses for the sexy spread, the 26-year-old singer shared her thoughts on music and chatted about her inspirations.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Goulding”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Status magazine!

On her main influences:
“[Björk] stopped me from being afraid of anything. I associate her music strongly also with feeling lonely and feeling like I had no one to talk to. I felt like there was something that I wanted to do but didn”t know what it was, and it turns out it was writing. It was sort of in me, but I didn”t know how to get it out. She just took me to another world with her music and it”s what I needed at the time. [Pearl Jam] got me through a lot of stuff when I was in my teenage years. I had new ways to discover things about myself and what kind of person that I was. I suppose it made me realize I could write a lot more emotionally than I ever had, but I shouldn”t be afraid of being honest.”

On her music being priority over criticism:
“At first it used to really bother me and irritate me, and I didn”t like people judging my music. It”s very hard for you to take when people don”t know your personal story and then they just judge your music so easily. But that can be quite tough. It comes with the territory. If you release stuff into the public, then you ask for it, really.”

On her onstage alter ego:
“I am very different now than what I am on stage. I am still very shy in between songs. I think between songs is the time where I suddenly go back to reality and I realize it”s just me again. Whereas, in the songs, I do lose myself quite a lot.”

On her favorite genre:
“It was dance music that made me want to sing. I grew up on eletro music. My mom used to listen to it a lot and it just always seemed to be dance music playing in my house all the time. It was always drummed into me at a young age.”