Ellen DeGeneres — Calls Cops in Attempt to Rescue Abused Puppy

Exclusive 0709_ellen_with_dog
Ellen DeGeneres wants to save a 3-month old puppy from an owner accused of kicking the animal and swinging it around by its leash … our sources has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us Ellen reached out to the LAPD this week to inquire about a French Bulldog puppy that was rescued last weekend.

Police arrested the guy who owns the puppy after a witness reported seeing him slam the pooch on a sidewalk, drag and kick him … and then swing him on his leash like a yo-yo.

We”re told Ellen was doing the good samaritan thing — asking cops if she could do anything to help … and making sure the pup goes to a good home.

Here”s the problem — legally, the animal has to be held at a shelter for 30 days while the courts deal with the owner … and there”s a chance he could get the puppy back.

If the alleged dog-hater does lose custody … would Ellen consider adopting

We reached out to her reps, but no word back.