Elle MacPherson"s Sexy Australian Holiday

Elle MacPherson in Australia on Dec. 27 (left) and Dec. 26
How”s this for some New Year”s resolution motivation

Supermodel Elle MacPherson lived up to her nickname – “The Body” – and then some last week in Byron Bay, Sydney, rocking a tiny metallic bikini in the surf.

And make no mistake, this is not an old photo: MacPherson, a mother of two is 47 years old.

But the model, fashion mogul and TV host isn”t only human: the following day she was photographed out for a run (have to maintain that ridiculously toned body somehow).

Earlier this year, MacPherson was edged out for the 2011 Body of the Year title by another super-hot-for-her-age celebrity: 66-year-old Helen Mirren.