Elle Fanning Lands in LA

Elle Fanning Lands in LA

Following an incredible trip to Paris Fashion Week, Elle Fanning returned to SoCal on a flight to LAX International Airport last night (October 3).

The Super 8 actress dragged her pink luggage out of the terminal and looked a bit tuckered out from her long transatlantic flight as she hopped into her ride.

In a recent interview with Miss Vogue Australia, Elle tried to explain that shes just like everyone else despite her movie star career.

Fanning insisted, Its just what I do, you know Some kids go to soccer practice and play games after school. I just do movies.

Elle also offered some backstory on how she and her famous sister Dakota Fanning got started in the business- I guess my mom saw us playing around the house and creating these really in-depth characters. My sister was older so she would always be the mom and I would be her kid. We would pretend we were homeless people and move around the house as though we were looking for shelterwe would always end up in the pantry. My parents would be like, What are they doing in the pantry and wed be shivering, completely in character.