Elizabeth Olsen Fronts Dazed & Confused September 2013

Elizabeth Olsen Fronts Dazed & Confused September 2013

She just wrapped up the production of the upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller “Godzilla,” and now Elizabeth Olsen is gracing the cover of Dazed & Confused”s September 2013 issue.

While donning designer duds from Miu Miu for the Angelo Pennetta-shot spread, the 24-year-old actress opened up about her obsession for feminism and playing the leading role as Juliet in the off Broadway production of “Romeo & Juliet.”

Check out a few highlights from Miss Olsen”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Dazed & Confused!

On being vocal about motherhood:
“I find it is actually the most modern feminist thing to do, choosing to have a family young instead of having a career.”

On her religious beliefs:
“When I was 13, I told my parents that I didn”t believe in God any more. I wanted to be an atheist because I believe that religion should be about community and having a place to go in prayer, not something that should be determine women”s freedoms.”

On Juliet:
“The more we worked on it the most I realized she was one of the greatest characters ever written. She is just so smart. She is smarter than anyone in the play, aside from maybe Mercutio. She uses her words to benefit her and to screw with other people. But she also feels things so earnestly and deeply. She is so powerful and strong and committed and determined.”

On her family:
“It wasn”t that creativity was nurtured in my family so much as a spirit of hard work. My dad always says, “Beat your last best score, and don”t worry about the person who beat you. Be the best you can be and don”t compare yourself to someone else.””