Elizabeth Olsen Drops By ??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Elizabeth Olsen Drops By ??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Shes been busy promoting her new film Kill Your Darlings, and last night (September 30) Elizabeth Olsen paid a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The Silent House hottie told Fallon that she had recently graduated with a college degree, though she didnt attend the actual ceremony.

I did [finish college] and Im 24 and it was an undergraduate degree, not a grad degree, so it took awhile. [I majored in] Theater, relevant.

I didnt celebrate because it took me six years to graduate so I didnt know anyone. It was at Yankee Stadium and I didnt really want to be there by myself. I would have had a panic attack or something, and I didnt know anyone. So I just had a birthday, got myself a cake, and also pretended it was graduation.

Fallon then announced that he was going to throw her a graduation celebration and brought out a cap and fake diploma!