Elizabeth Hurley Engaged to Shane Warne

Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne
Elizabeth Hurley”s new fiancé isn”t as recognizable to Americans as, say, her former beau Hugh Grant. So who is the actress”s new love

Nicknamed the “Spin King” in the cricket community, Shane Warne is considered one of the best players at the sport. But Hurley”s Aussie fiancé isn”t solely known for his athletic ability. He has a scandalous past, but he”s also a family man.

Here are five things to know about the divorced father of three:

1. He and Hurley share their affections via Twitter
The lovebirds used the popular social networking site to announce their engagement with identical Tweets. Additionally, Warne responded to many fans who sent Tweets congratulating him about the big news. A day after Warne popped the question, Hurley, 46, Tweeted, “Thanks again for all your lovely messages. Means a lot to us x.”

2. He”s a professional poker player
Warne has participated in the World Series of Poker and is the face of 888poker, formerly known as Pacific Poker. Hurley has accompanied him during some of his betting excursions.

3. He has a history of infidelity
According to ESPN, a then-married Warne, 42, lost the title of vice-captain of his cricket team in 2000 when news broke of a phone sex scandal that involved him and a British nurse. Five years later, he was involved in a sexting scandal, and the following year, he sent a lewd text to his wife Simone Callahan that was meant for another woman. Callahan then broke up with him, but they ended up getting back together before splitting for good last year.

4. He hosted a talk show last year
Australia”s Nine Network was the home to Warnie, a talk show hosted by Hurley”s main squeeze in 2010. Ratings were low, and the show didn”t even last through its final episode. But during its run, Warne landed interviews with Susan Boyle and Coldplay”s Chris Martin.

5. He founded a children”s charity
Named The Shane Warne Foundation, Hurley”s hubby-to-be created a cause in 2000 to benefit seriously ill and underprivileged kids. “I want more children to smile, beat their illness and help their families live a better life,” he wrote on his website. So far, the foundation has raised more than $5 million and helped more than 75 organizations.