Elisabeth Moss Pays a Visit to ??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Elisabeth Moss Pays a Visit to ??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Stepping out for some media duties, Elisabeth Moss headed over to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (May 22).

The Mad Men starlet was in great spirits as she showed off her newly-shorn/lightened coif while discussing her first living situation after moving to the Big Apple.

Ms. Moss began, I moved to New York when I was 19, so a few years ago Craigslist had just happened so everybody found their apartment on Craigslist. So thats what I did.

So, I sublet a room, it was $400 which was amazing, from a 50-year-old man who was a substitute teacher. I rented out his bedroom and he slept in the living room with screens up. And we shared a bathroom. And it was all kind of totally fun.

Elisabeth continued, There would be awkward run-ins when one of us was in the bathroom and one of us was leaving, and once I opened the door to my bedroom and the bathroom was right there and he was opening the bathroom door and he wasnt wearing any clothes. I dont think he knew I was home. And I just saw a flash and closed my door and he and I never spoke of it!

Just so you know, Johnny, Ive never forgotten!