Eli Manning — Call Me 2 Chainz … BIATCH!

Exclusive 0711_peyton_manning_eli_manning_commercial_Article_tmz_wm
He”s already got 2 ringz … but this week, Eli Manning threw on 2 Chainz … and gangster”d himself out (along with his brother Peyton) … for another DirecTV commercial shoot in New Orleans, and our sources has the pic.

With Eli sporting a red Kanye-inspired jacket and a quasi-mullet … and Peyton sporting a Jew-fro and Birdman shades … we”re guessing the NFL superstars were doing another one of those goofy spots for Sunday Ticket.

Back in 2011, the two dressed  up like cops … it was hilarious.

0712-payton-eli-cop-directv-tmzMore importantly … you know what this means FOOTBALL SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!

Thank god.