Edward Furlong — Hauled Back to Jail

Exclusive 0215_ed_furlong
Terminator 2” star Edward Furlong has just been tossed back into the pokey … after allegedly violating a protective order that barred him from contacting his estranged wife … our sources has learned.

It”s unclear how or when Furlong allegedly violated the order — but the actor was dragged into court today to face the accusations … and the judge flipped out on him, remanding him into custody.

Before Furlong was taken away, the judge angrily accused him of not taking the stay-away order seriously … and told him he belongs in a lockdown treatment facility for substance abuse.

Furlong was placed on 3 years probation back in 2010 when he pled no contest to violating a civil protective order that had been obtained by his estranged wife Rachael Kneeland. Furlong was required to obey the stay-away order for the duration of his probation.

Furlong”s in pretty deep — you”ll recall, the actor has also been arrested twice in the last four months for allegedly roughing up his current girlfriend.

He”ll remain in jail until a formal probation violation hearing on March 4.