Eddie Van Halen Sues — Contractor Left Me with a Moldy Shaft

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Hope Eddie Van Halen swims as good as he plays guitar — “cause his L.A. home got drenched after a contractor screwed up his remodel, and ended up costing him more than a million bucks … according to a new lawsuit.

The lawsuit — which was filed today by Eddie”s family trust — says Troy Builders Group was hired back in 2008 to do a remodel and construction, but the project was rife with major problems … most relating to waterproofing.

In the docs, Eddie says the shoddy work included poor drainage, leaky roof and chimney, poorly installed gutters and flashing — all of which caused water to flow into the home.

But here”s how you know the house belongs to a guitar god — EVH claims he also suffered mold damage, not just on wood surfaces, but in his ELEVATOR SHAFT.

Moldy shaft … never good.

According to the docs, Eddie”s already out more than a million bucks to repair the damage. He”s suing the builder for the cash plus interest.