Eddie Van Halen — ‘Back to the Future’ Walkman Scene Was Really Me!!!

Eddie Van Halen
swears … it was really him shredding guitar in that famous scene from “Back to the Future” — when Marty McFly pops a cassette tape into his walkman … and blows out his father”s eardrums.

Don”t pretend like you forgot — Marty puts on that radiation suit and wakes his dad up with a Van Halen cassette tape, saying, “Silence earthling.” IT”S CLASSIC!!! Okay fine, here”s the clip.

In the movie, the tape says “Edward Van Halen” on it — but there”s been a lot of speculation over the years about what song it was … and whether it was even Eddie playing the music … but yesterday in L.A., the rock legend put the rumors to rest.

Eddie insists it WAS really him on the tape — but as for whether the guitar lick was part of a real song … Eddie said it was him “just playing a bunch of noise.”

So there you have it. Still awesome.