Ed Burns Fronts Aspen Peak Winter 2013/Spring 2014

Ed Burns Fronts Aspen Peak Winter 2013/Spring 2014

With his TNT series “Mob City” slated to hit the small screen on December 4th, Ed Burns was selected to front the Winter 2013/Spring 2014 issue of Aspen Peak magazine.

While rocking designer duds from Louis Vuitton and Dior Homme for the Rainer Hosch-shot spread, the “Saving Private Ryan” star chatted about the new show and revealed details about his writing career.

Highlights from Mr. Burns” interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Aspen Peak!

On “Mob City”:
“This is the most fun Ive had acting since Saving Private Ryan. Its a [type of] character Ive never played beforethe homicidal maniac with a quick temper who also is a very charming and larger-than-life guy, who walks into the room and people are drawn to him. Every time Id get the new script I couldnt wait to show up to the set to do this work.”

On his character Bugsy Siegel:
“I was very happy [Bugsy] was born in Brooklyn, and therefore, I didnt have to do anything about the accent. When he comes into the room, hes got to own it. Hes a guy who was able to get anyone he was in contact with to not just fall in line because he was the muscle, but get behind him and support whatever he was up to. He could turn extremely violent, and [I didnt] hold back from that. All of a sudden hes throwing a punch and breaking somebodys nose.”

On being a writer, actor, producer and director:
“By far the writing [is what I prefer]. I started as a writer. The first dream was to become a novelist. Only after I wrote my first screenplay did I think about directing. Its the one part of the process that isnt collaborative. So I get to sit down and disappear into this world I created, and I love it.”

On his family:
“Prior to having kids, its very easy to be selfish. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to take care of you and things that are important to you. I was more than willing to say, “Its no longer about me; its about them.” The rewards that come with that are huge. You have to be present, not only physically, but also mentally. Im very lucky because I make my independent movies. My wife and I both decided we love New York and want to raise the kids in New York. For the most part I dont have to travel much. Im able to coach the soccer team and the little league team and drop off and pick up every day after school.”