‘Eastbound & Down’ — Marilyn Manson Looks Strangely Normal In TV Cameo Role

Exclusive 1008-maralyn-manson-tmz-getty
Go ahead … take a good look.

That”s Marilyn Manson — AKA Brian Hugh Warner — getting all actor-y on the set of the TV show, “Eastbound & Down” … where he”s shooting a cameo role this week.  This is his intense look.

Manson is a huge fan of “EB&D” … and has reportedly been lobbying the producers for the last couple of years to cast him in the show … and it finally paid off.  But he must have seriously confused the makeup people on the set … since he arrived looking, well …  pretty dang normal.

This is the HBO comedy”s 4th and final season. No word on when Manson”s episode will air. 

But he”s ready for his closeup.