‘E.R.’ Actress Parminder Nagra — CLEANS UP in Divorce Settlement

Exclusive 0726-Parminder-Nagra-james-stenson-getty
Former “E.R.” star Parminder Nagra just scored a huge victory over her ex-husband … our sources has learned she won”t have to give up a dime of her “E.R.” loot.

We broke the story … Paraminder”s ex James Stenson sued her last year, claiming she was hiding her acting money from gigs like “E.R.”, “Alcatraz“, and “Psych” … to prevent him getting any of it.

Now they”ve hammered out a settlement, and it”s clear from the docs … the real winner”s name rhymes with Tinder.

Here”s what Parminder gets:
ALL her income, residuals and royalties from her acting gigs including “E.R” — which, of course, brings in beaucoup syndication dollars.

But there”s more … she also gets their Cali home (worth over $700k), their UK home ($1.5 million), and profits from the sale of a rental property. PLUS she gets 3 of the couple”s 4 cars.

Here”s what James gets: $450k from the rental home sale, $1,226/month in child support for their 4-year-old kid, and his photography biz.

Oh, and a Mazda CX9.

Zoom zoom.