Dwyane Wade — My $230k Car Can Fly … Sorta

Dwyane Wades 2012 McLaren MP4-12CDwyane Wade got a SICK $230,000 sports car at his 30th birthday party in Miami this weekend — but the most impressive part of the gift is how it was AIRLIFTED into the hotel pool without a scratch.

The car is a brand new 2012 McLaren MP4-12C — given to him for FREE by the owner of a local luxury car dealership.

The guy wanted the presentation of the car to be super-fancy — with the McLaren waiting for Wade on a platform in the middle of the hotel pool.  Problem is, you can”t just drive that thing inside the hotel.

Instead, the car was loaded up onto a crane in the alley next to the pool area … hoisted above the hotel wall … and carefully lowered onto the waiting platform, positioned inside the pool.

Props to the crew — because the whole thing went off without a hitch … and D-Wade accepted his present in front of famous friends like Usher, Common, T.I., LeBron, and Chris Bosh.

D-Dub even got a shout from Vogue chief Anna Wintour … who said, “I hope we”ll see you back at NY Fashion Week in September, because you”re my favorite person to sit next to at the shows.”

The rich get richer.