Dwight Howard — My Heart Is in L.A., But My Head Is in Orlando

EXCLUSIVE 0105-dwight-howard-magic-tmzDwight Howard might be a Los Angeles Laker, but part of him is still a member of the Orlando Magic … specifically, his head.

In town to play the New York Knicks last month, D12 hit up a hat store in Harlem and wouldn”t you know it … he picked up a hat of his former team.

According to our witness, Dwight didn”t just pick up the hat … HE BOUGHT IT!!!

For the non-sports fans out there … Dwight was traded away by the Magic last year after he basically whined his way out of town. It was not a happy parting of the ways.

With Dwight set to be a free agent this summer, maybe a reunion isn”t as far-fetched as one would think.