Dwight Howard — Mum’s the Word on Lakers Trade

Dwight Howard had nothing to say when we asked him about the rumored blockbuster trade that would send him to the L.A. Lakers … well, actually he has a lot to say … but he”s being muzzled.

our sources has confirmed with sources familiar with the situation …  Dwight is in “serious negotiations” to become a Laker in a trade involving 4 teams … and it could happen VERY soon.

If the deal actually goes through, it would send Andrew Bynum packing … possibly to Philadelphia.

Moments ago, our photog found Dwight in L.A., where he”s still recovering from back surgery … and asked the NBA star about all the wheeling and dealing. 

Dwight pursed his lips at the question (pun intended) — but with millions of dollars on the line … it”s probably a smart move.