Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden — Lindsay Lohan Was Always Doomed Because Her Dad’s a Headcase

Ex-baseball star Dwight “Doc” Gooden uncorked a verbal bean ball at Michael Lohan — calling him a rehab nightmare, and the root of Lindsay Lohan”s problems.

Gooden”s not the first to say that … but he does have first hand experience with Lindsay”s dad — they did a stint on “Celebrity Rehab” together back in 2011.

Doc, who”s as famous for baseball glory as his battles with drug addiction, told Jim Rome … “He was definitely a headcase. I can kinda understand why Lindsay has the problems she has.”

Even though Doc says Michael was the most screwed up of his “Rehab” castmates … you gotta check out the clip to see which one almost made him quit the show. 

The full interview airs Wednesday night on Showtime.