Dweezil Zappa Sued by Divorce Lawyer

Dweezil Zappa has gotten a double whammy in his marriage — first his wife filed for divorce, and now his divorce lawyer has sued him for not paying his bill.

According to the lawsuit — obtained by our sources — Dweezil”s lawyer, James Eliaser, claims Dweeze owes $37,498.75.

Dweezil”s wife, Lauren Knudsen, filed for divorce in 2010.

According to Dweezil”s retainer agreement, the former MTV VJ agreed to pay the lawyer $625 an hour.  Dweezil paid a $15,000 retainer at the beginning, but it all adds up quickly.

BTW, the retainer says Dweezil must pay $4 for the first page of any fax and $1 for additional pages.

We can”t figure out where the 75 cents came from.