Duggar Family: Cousin Amy Speaks

After it was revealed that the Duggar family was not the ones to release photos of baby Jubilee Shalom, cousin Amy began taking a lot of heat. Amy has deleted the tweets that included picture of the memorial cards and seems to be trying to fix what many feel she did so terribly wrong. Had it not been for her tweets, TMZ may never have gotten hold of what were suppossed to be private photos.
In a recent interview Amy spoke of her love for her aunt and about not listening to the criticism of the media and public in regards to the miscarriage. This is probably a good idea because so many people think they need to vocalize their discust with something they obviously do not understand. Amy says she loves Michelle more than life itself and that the Duggar family needs time to grieve together.

Hopefully TLC is giving them that chance but with Christmas right around the corner the chances are slim. This will also be the first Christmas for little Josie to really be able to get into the festivities seeing as how last year she was barely a year old and had the development of around an 8 month old.

It will be interesting to see how TLC’s coverage of this December in the life of the Duggars will play out. Christmas plans are still on as Amy and her family will be visiting the Duggar household in the afternoon for present exchanges and the traditional caroling and dinner.