Duchess Kate lookalike shuns lawyer job and dreams of going professional

Duchess Kate lookalike shuns lawyer job and dreams of going professional
The Duchess of Cambridge may be charmed to know that a solicitor is turning her back on law to become a professional “Kate Middleton lookalike”.

The 26-year-old in question, Christina Spencer, said that she is often told by strangers that she looks like the future Queen and wife of Prince William.

“It will be people that I don”t know at all who tell me I look like her,” said Christina. “Quite often it will be an icebreaker and the first thing that someone ever says to me.”
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Duchess Kate (left) and Christina Spencer (right)

The Brighton-born lawyer added that she was now on the hunt for a professional Prince William doppelganger to start a glamorous career together and hand in her notice for good.
With her long brown hair and graceful smile, Christina said, “You can”t really have much more of a compliment then saying you look like the Duchess of Cambridge. If you”re going to look like somebody then she”s the person I would most like to look like.”

While Christina first became aware of the striking resemblance at the age of 21, it was during the lead-up to William and Kate”s royal wedding in 2011 that the comparisons escalated.

Duchess Kate (left) and Christina Spencer (right)
The budding hopeful is now studying and practising the facial expressions and mannerisms of the Duchess, but admitted that one thing was standing in her way.

Unfortunately I”ve got a lisp, which she doesn”t have,” said Christina. “I might have to work on that, but it could be funny to have a lisping Kate.”

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