Dropkick Murphys Singer Beats the CRAP Out of Nazi Skinhead On Stage


ATTENTION NAZIS: stay the hell away from Dropkick Murphys concerts … or they will kick your ass on stage.

This story is crazy … the Murphs were playing a show at Terminal 5 in NYC last week when they invited the crowd on stage for a couple songs … including AC/DC”s “TNT” … and some skinhead dumbass started doing the Nazi salute in time to the music (skip to 8:10 in the video).

Singer Ken Casey caught the sieg heiling out of the corner of his eye … and stormed across the stage, chokeslamming the Nazi toolbag and then swinging his bass at him … at which point chaos erupted. 

Ken emerged from the melee roughly 30 seconds later, and shouted into the microphone, “Nazis are NOT F***ING WELCOME at a Dropkick Murphys show.”

We did nazi that coming … okay, we”re done.