Drew Brees — The NFL Is Far from Fixing Concussion Problem

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Long-term brain damage remains a serious issue among NFL players … and the league still has LOTS of work to do in order to fix it … so says New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees.

Brees said, “I think it”s a major issue. It”s something that we need to continue to put research [into] and treatment protocols at the forefront to try to find ways to treat guys that have those long-term head and neck injuries when they leave this game.”

He added, “It is definitely a serious problem.”

You”ll recall, pro football has recently come under intense scrutiny for its long-term health risks — following the high-profile suicides of several NFL stars like Junior Seau. The deaths have been attributed to a brain disease stemming from injuries the players sustained during their careers.

Last week, Adrian Peterson — one of the greatest running backs of all time — said he would never let his son play the game.

Even President Obama has said he would have to think twice about whether he would let a son of his play football due to the health risks.

The NFL has diverted a lot of resources to address the problem … but not much has been done … and the players are getting pissed. 2,700 players have already sued the league, claiming the NFL intentionally kept the long-term dangers of playing football a secret.