Drew Barrymore Talks Business in Lucky May 2013

Drew Barrymore Talks Business in Lucky May 2013

Her very own makeup line Flower Cosmetics is finally hitting the shelves, and now Drew Barrymore is telling everyone about her success in the May 2013 issue of Lucky magazine.

While striking gorgeous poses for the Peggy Sirota-shot front page, the 38-year-old actress opens up about everything from her father-in-law”s advice to revealing her business secrets.

“One of my favorite things Arie said is, “Try to see what you”re not seeing.” That”s how I came up with this rose gold,” the “Charlie”s Angels” hottie explains. “Originally it was going to be chrome/nickel and then I just had this gut feeling about rose gold, and I was like, that”s what I”m not seeing!”

“He picked up some of my packaging that I thought was so tasteful, and he said, “Where”s your brand here” Needless to say, we changed it. He makes me think,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Drew dishes about her strategic business plans. “I don”t know who in my family gave me the business gene, but it came from somewhere, and it”s real. I do have this… fastidious-executioner aspect to my personality. And part of it is I”m a real believer in partnerships.”

In regards to offering her advice to others, Drew says, “If you have good intentions, everything just works out. And – I don”t think you can have it all. Something”s got to fall off the table. Let it fall, mourn it and move on. You”ll get your focus back.”

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