Drew Barrymore in Women's Health Decmeber 2013: Pregnancy Isn't About Perfection

Drew Barrymore in Women's Health Decmeber 2013: Pregnancy Isn't About Perfection

She”s had quite a busy year with a daughter and a wedding, and now Drew Barrymore reveals her future plans in the December 2013 issue of Women”s Health magazine.

The “Charlie”s Angels” star looked absolutely stunning for the mag”s spread while dishing about juggling her busy work schedule and adding another child into her growing family.

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On her cosmetic company:
“I love doing the beauty line because it”s so inherently and so much of a celebration of women. I think about my daughter and how special that is to be making something that”s so creative and empowering.”

On her body while pregnant:
“You”re not support to look perfect while you”re making babies. Making babies is the perfection. It”s about feeling good in clothes and knowing you can get dressed up in the evening… but there”s just so such thing as perfection. So if you”re trying to get there, you”re just torturing yourself.”

On her empire:
“Everything I”m going to do is going to have a real consciousness toward, “Is this a job I can do and still get home in time for dinner and have days where I get to do every diaper change Then I”m going to have to go out on certain days and work and not try to feel like the guiltiest person on the planet, which every mother understands.Work has been my priority my whole life. It feels okay to shift that priority, it feels like it”s time. I didn”t grow up around a lot of family. I grew up so fast and exposed to everything, and I think being a kid for as long as possible is just awesome – I would love that for my kid.”

On her family:
“I”d love to have more kids. I think it”s about being mentally healthier and then you are physically fit. I”m actually not really working out right now. It”s a lot of fork up the food, shove to mouth, chew, repeat.”