Drake — Dumping Massive Miami Condos from 'I'm on One' Video

Drake is trying to unload 2 massive luxury beach condos he owns in Miami, has learned — and you might recognize them … because they”re featured in the rapper”s music video for “I”m on One.”

Drake put the properties up for sale last week — located right nextdoor to each other in Miami”s ritzy Marquis highrise — listing one for $1.9 million and the other for $599,000. Drake combined the two into one MASSIVE condo, and lived in both simultaneously.

The larger one is a sprawling 3,800 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The “smaller” one-bedroom condo is still gigantic … at 1,675 square feet.

Drake purchased the properties together in January 2011 for a combined price of $1.903 million. So, if Drake gets his asking price … he”ll make $596,000 in profit (even though no one ever gets their asking price).

But still, it”s pretty awesome — considering all the other famous people who”ve been forced to sell their real estate at massive losses … including Beyonce, Terrell Owens and Chris Tucker.