Drake Bell Slams Justin Bieber? Again

Drake Bell Slams Justin Bieber? Again

Hes no stranger to hurling insults at Justin Bieber, and over the weekend Drake Bell took to his Twitter page for another round of mean-spirited tweets.

The former Drake and Josh star took aim at the As Long As You Love Me singers appearance, comparing him to another troubled star.

Drake wrote, Just came up with a new game Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber! and posted photos of both singers looking somewhat similar.

And of course, Justins legion of Beliebers jumped in to defend him, posting incendiary messages to Bell throughout the Twitterverse.

However after everything calmed down, Drake wrote, Thanks to everyone who greeted me at the airport! That was fun and I got to meet some of the normal/nice beliebers. Breath of fresh air!!