Dr. Oz Helps British Tourist Struck by Taxi Cab

Dr. Oz Helps British Tourist Struck by Taxi Cab

Reminding the world that he doesn”t just play a doctor on TV, Dr. Oz rushed to the side of a British tourist who was struck by a car in New York City on Tuesday (August 20).

While Sian Green was eating a hot dog with a friend by a fountain, a taxi cab suddenly barreled into her, severing her foot in front of bystanders.

Seeing the incident, plumber David Justino immediately used his belt as a tourniquet to help stop her bleeding until paramedics arrived on scene.

Reports say that cab driver Mohammad Himon lost control after fighting with a bicyclist and the vendor who sold the victim her hot dog put her severed foot in a bucket of ice while awaiting an ambulance.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mehmet Oz heard the accident and also came to Ms. Green”s aid. Later, he posted a photo of himself and Justino with the comment, “While in a meeting in our offices near Rockefeller Center, I heard an accident occur on the street below. A taxi driver lost control of his cab and collided with a woman, badly injuring her leg. David Justino (pictured), a plumber from New York, took action, removing his belt and using it as a tourniquet. With the help of NYC first responders, who are the best in the world, the woman was treated and rushed to a local hospital. I applaud the quick thinking and heroic actions of David and the first responders. My prayers are with the victim for a speedy recovery.”