Dr. Conrad Murray — Curries Favor with Mom

Exclusive 1028-conrad-murray-mother-chicken-curryConrad Murray is getting just what the doctor ordered — his mother, who flew in from Trinidad to make him a delicious, home-cooked meal.

We”ve learned Murray is spending time at an undisclosed location with GF/baby mama Nicole Alvarez, their kid and Murray”s mother, Milta.  The mom flew in and greeted Murray hours after he left L.A. County Jail.

Not to be outdone by Murray”s post-jail In-N-Out run, Milta cooked the good doc chicken curry and roti, a flat bread.  

Murray is trying to figure out whether he”ll stay in California or go back to Texas. 

As we previously reported, Murray wants to practice medicine again, but our medical board sources say that”s not gonna happen.  He also wrote a big chunk of a book in jail and we”re told he”s open to doing a reality show.