Doutzen Kroes: I Feel Guilty Making Girls Insecure

Doutzen Kroes: I Feel Guilty Making Girls Insecure

She loves being a Victoria”s Secret Angel, but Doutzen Kroes reveals that she holds a certain guilt about her career.

During an interview with Page Six, the 28-year-old supermodel completely sympathizes with other women about how the modeling industry affects their self esteem.

“Sometimes it makes me feel guilty now that I am in this profession that makes certain girls insecure,” Miss Kroes explained.

Also discussing her discomfort for being airbrushed, Doutzen shared, “I always say, I don”t like the picture. If you put me in a bad light with no hair and makeup, it”s not good… I wake up sometimes like, this is not what I see when I look at the magazine, who is this visitor in the bathroom”

Miss Kroes stated that she”s also extremely happy with New York Governor Cuomo for signing new legislation last week, which states child labor protections extends to models under the age of 18.

The legislation also mandates that fashion brands and magazines must hire a responsible chaperon for models under the age of 16.

While these companies may be discouraged to use younger models because of the requirements, Doutzen hopes this will change the modeling industry and have a positive effect on body ideals.

“By making this legislation the law in New York, we have brought an end to the rampant exploitation and sexual abuse of child models by giving child models the critical protections theyve been denied for too long,” Senate Labor Committee Chairwoman Diane Savino declared last week.