Donald Driver Reveals His Dancing Training Secret: Yoga

Here”s something wide receiver Donald Driver doesn”t like to catch: criticism of his balancing skills.

Want proof He”ll show you.

“I have great balance,” Driver, 37, told partner Peta Murgatroyd after she needled him during a Dancing with the Stars rehearsal attended by us. “I don”t think my balance is off. I took yoga. I was pretty darn good at yoga.”

As Murgatroyd laughs in disbelief, the Green Bay Packers football star stands by his claims – on one leg, in fact – but points out that there is one area in which he”s lacking.

“She”s very flexible,” he says, pointing at his partner. “I can”t do that, but that”s all women. But that means she”s not as fast as I am, either. Most athletes that are fast are not flexible. She doesn”t know that. She dances. I”m an athlete.”

Driver is dancing to aid his homeless charity, The Donald Driver Foundation.