Dodgers Star Matt Kemp — Rollin’ to the NLCS … By Himself

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It”s bad enough that he can”t play, but injured Dodgers star Matt Kemp isn”t traveling with the team either — and our sources has video of the All Star gimping his way through LAX today on a scooter.

With the rest of the squad already in St. Louis for the NLCS., Kemp — nursing two injuries — wheeled through the airport Thursday afternoon on a medical scooter designed to help him keep the weight off his busted right ankle.

Kemp seemed pretty bummed out about the situation — and for good reason — telling us that having to ride around on the scooter, while the rest of the guys are prepping for the Cards, straight up blows.

But don”t feel too bad for Matt — he still raked in roughly $20 million this season … so it”s not a total loss.

Still sucks to be injured though.