DJ Khaled to Nicki Minaj: Marry Me!

DJ Khaled to Nicki Minaj: Marry Me!

She”s one of the best female rappers around these days, so it”s no surprise that Nicki Minaj received a marriage proposal from her YMCMB labelmate, DJ Khaled.

The male rapper recorded a beautiful message to Nicki, asking her the big question that every woman looks forward to.

“Nicki Minaj, I”m at MTV, I”m going to be honest with you; I love you,” DJ explained. “I like you, I want you, I want you to be mine.”

He continued, “We got the same symptoms, we”re both suffering from success. If you gotta take you time and think about it, I understand, but I know I have to be here today to let you know how serious I am and how serious this is to me.”

Mr. Khaled then pulled out the breathtaking ring and asked, “Nicki Minaj, will you marry me”

The rapping duo recently worked together on their single “Take It To The Head” just this past year. There has been no answer from Miss Minaj yet.