DJ Khaled — Misses Huge Rent Payment, Landlord Moves to Evict

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DJ Khaled
can spin it anyway he wants … but his landlord has sued to have him evicted, claiming the famous deejay failed to pay $55,000 in back rent. 

According to court docs filed in Miami, Khaled rented an apartment last September from Misci LLC and agreed to make two bulk payments of $66,000 for rent. Khaled made the first payment, but according to the landlord”s lawsuit … he failed to make the second one after re-working the deal to pay $11,000 upfront and the remaining $55,000 a month later. 

Two weeks later, Misci says they gave Khaled three days notice to vacate the property, but he refused. Misci then filed a lawsuit to get their money back (plus attorneys” fees) and have Khaled removed from the apartment. 

The case is still ongoing.

We reached out multiple times to Khaled”s lawyer and rep … no word back.