Dita Von Teese"s Dog Dies

After what must have been a harrowing day looking for her lost dog, Dita Von Teese announced Tuesday morning that her 19-year-old dachshund, Eva, had died.

“My dog Eva is missing,” Von Teese first Tweeted on Monday. “Good thoughts for her return are also appreciated.”

But the red-haired dachshund would not return. “My beloved Eva passed on tonight,” Von Teese announced early Tuesday morning. “Thank you for all your kind words. It means a lot to me.”

No other information about Eva”s death was given.

Eva was one of the burlesque star”s four pets, and occasionally accompanied Von Teese to events and photo shoots. Von Teese even had a cheeky portrait commissioned of her animal crew, including one of Eva and her departed dachshund pal Greta.

Artist Carol Lew told us that Von Teese “just loves her animals – that was so clear. She knew their personalities so well.”

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