Dita Von Teese Talks Dancing and Lingerie Line in Bwatt Issue 3

Dita Von Teese Talks Dancing and Lingerie Line in Bwatt Issue 3

Adding another magazine cover to her credit, Dita Von Teese fronted the latest issue of Bwatt.

While donning designer duds from Mr. Pearl and Gaspar for the sultry Anja Poulsen-shot spread, the Burlesque dancer opened up about her career and her Von Follies lingerie line.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Teese”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Bwatt!

On her inspirations:
“I get pretty inspired by my fan base which is mostly women, of all ages, shapes, and ethnicities. I am really inspired by the fact that predominantly it is women who come to the striptease shows, it doesn”t even make sense, but that”s really what”s happening. One of the reasons I will continue doing everything myself is that it is an important message to send to them, like hey, I did my own hair and makeup to go on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, standing next to any famous actress who has spend all day in hair and make-up with the “Glam Squad.” I am doing it myself, so you can do it too!”

On Burlesque dancing:
“It is kind of some that just happened very naturally, and I feel that the reason why I have this big Burlesque career is because I wasn”t afraid of doing something that was considered risque, a taboo. I wouldn”t be who I am today if I hadn”t wandered into a strip club at 19 years old and thought to myself that this might be a big adventure to work in a strip club. If I hadn”t done that, and felt that I could change people”s minds about striptease and what it was to be a stripper, I wouldn”t have the career that I have now.”

On being judged for her dancing methods:
“A lot of people looked down on me for walking into that strip club, but the fact that if I didn”t have that experience, I wouldn”t be able to do what I do today. So it”s also about not listening to what other people say, and just believing in what you are doing in that moment. You do it with integrity and honesty and authenticity with your own fascination for it and not really pay attention to what people think. If I did pay attention to what other people think I would still be blonde, I would not be wearing red lipstick and I would not be wearing cat eyeliner If I had listened to what men in my life had said early on, or photographers said to me early on, I wouldn”t be who I am!”

On her lingerie line:
“My lingerie is something really important to me because I feel like my whole career was built on my love of lingerie. I used to work in a lingerie store, and it”s something really close to me. Lingerie is symbolic of the womanhood and a very private and personal luxury but which can also be used for seduction if you choose… So my lingerie line, called Von Follies, is also base don updating and modernizing things from my vintage archives and from books. And of course my desire of what kind of lingerie I would like to be wearing.”