Dina Lohan — No-Booze Birthday Bash After DUI Arrest

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Dina Lohan
temporarily learned her lesson after getting busted for DUI last week — She celebrated her 51st birthday Sunday night with her kids  … without guzzling a single drop of booze.

Dina, Lindsay, Cody, Ali (who”s Vogue-ing out) and Michael Jr. went to ABC Kitchen in NYC, and we”re told they ordered Diet Cokes, waters, Shirley Temples, and cherry sodas all night. (Dina ordered the DC.)

We”re told the entire Lohan clan was in great spirits — something they”re familiar with — and no one uttered a peep about the arrest.

As we reported, Dina was popped on Long Island Thursday after allegedly driving with a blood alcohol level of .20 (more than twice the legal limit). Happy Birthday!