Dina Eastwood — ‘I Still Love Clint’ — But Not His Negative Energy

Exclusive 1014-dina-eastwood-crystals

Clint Eastwood“s wife Dina still loves her estranged husband … but hopes a little new age voodoo — the use of crystals —  will rid her home of Clint”s negative energy  … our sources has learned. 

Dina tweeted a pic from the Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs … where she dropped a couple of hundred dollars on crystals, incense, sage … and other stuff believed to have metaphysical powers of healing and cleansing.

While in the store, Dina was overheard dumping on Clint and his new squeeze … because they had shacked up at a home the Eastwoods own in Palm Springs. 


Now Dina apparently plans to do some heavy duty house cleaning … using the crystals and incense to remove all of the bad energy left behind by Clint”s visit.

She was also overheard saying she still loves Clint … and that the whole breakup is just “unreal and heartbreaking.”