Diddy’s Stepson — Swatting Is Scary … But I’m Glad the Cops Came!

Exclusive 0406_diddy_stepson_videoDiddy“s stepson Quincy found a bright side to being the victim of a swatting prank — at least he knows the cops will come should anything really happen.

Quincy told our photog yesterday that he was on his way home when the swatting call went down, and his aunt gave him the play-by-play over the phone. 

Quincy said he found the whole thing to be pretty scary, telling our photo, “Of course it”s scary because that”s my home, that”s where I lay my head my head at night. I understand that police can”t take it light … I”m glad everyone responded safely and no one got hurt.”

Since Diddy”s home was swatted on Wednesday, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Selena Gomez all fell victim to the same prank.